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Silver Eagle's Kula XD Dry Evaporative Cool Vest


Ride, work, and play longer.

The Kula-XD vest is enhanced with Inuteq™ patented cooling technolgy, a new means of adding water to the garment that allows the outer surfaces of the vest-- and the wearer-- remain absolutely dry.  For more immediate cooling and ease of use, the Kula-XD vest is equipped with a sealable filling point where water can be added directly to the inner material, eliminating the need for submersion. And, because of the vest's new combination of fabrics, the effective cooling time is expanded to 24 hours or more.

  • Sealable filling point that closes to keep moisture inside the vest, so you stay dry
  • Treated with Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatment to keep the Kula-XD odor- and mildew-resistant throughout the life of the vest, even through repeated washes
  • Offers consistent cooling comfort for 24 hours or more
  • Machine washable

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