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Silver Eagle Outfitters, LLC is a privately held company that started as a shared passion among friends to give people a simple, effective solution for beating the heat. We combined our experience and knowledge with specialty fabrics, textile development, garment manufacturing and marketing to come up with a solution that proactively deals with heat stress. Actually, it’s nature’s most effective solution for dealing with heat – evaporation.

Silver Eagle cooling products are made of a unique composite fabric that represents the first real breakthrough in personal cooling technology. Because of the lightweight functionality, easy activation, and respectable pricing of our products, anyone who experiences the discomforts of heat and sun exposure can benefit from our cooling apparel. Because they also offer an effective barrier to the cold when worn dry, our customers wear them even in the coldest of winter. These are truly year-round performance products.

What began as a small array of cooling vests and headwear specially designed for motorcyclists has evolved into a broader selection of products created to serve outdoors adventurers, people living with MS and other diseases that effect the body's ability to regulate temperature, industrial workers, and a few of our animal friends. Our continuing growth, in part, is the result of our efforts to understand the needs of our customers. Additionally, because we design and control the manufacturing of all products, we are able to provide quality garments at a fair price-- all wrapped up in dedicated customer service.

As our products become more readily available across the United States-- and the world-- through our growing network of sales outlets, we look forward to being able to offer the best to even more markets.

Silver Eagle Outfitters, LLC - Outfitting you year-round with performance apparel that cools in the heat and warms when it's chilly!